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An Interview with Bob Dolgan

January 29, 2021

BobDolganhas an impressive resume. He is a writer, filmmaker, and consultant. He’s also a board member of the Chicago Ornithological Society, and writes a twice-weekly newsletter,This Week in Birding. He is founder of Turnstone Strategies, and his writing has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Cleveland Plain Dealerthe Chicago Readerthe Richmond Times-Dispatch and the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He still finds time to serve as co-compiler for the Lisle-Arboretum Christmas Bird Count Wendy Clark, BWD’s publisher, talked with Bob recently about the documentary he directed, Monty and Rose, a film about Chicago’s piping plovers. Join Bob and Wendy as they discuss this beautiful film and the successful conservation effort that made downtown Chicago passionate about piping plovers and the urban bird habitat the plovers—and Chicagoans—call home.  

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